About Our Products

Access Total Body is one of the few and proud retailers in the Pacific Northwest of the OLIVE TREE PEOPLE waterless skincare and wellness products.  We also incorporate the products within our facials, body sculpting treatments, and weight loss and wellness programs.

When purchased directly from the OLIVE TREE PEOPLE website, you enjoy a 365 return policy as well as direct shipping to your home.

Waterless Beauty Movement: Why we choose OLIVE TREE PEOPLE for our skin & wellness products

Most skincare available, including medical grade lines, are composed of 70-95% water as the first ingredient. Distilled water is inflammatory and grows bacteria, requiring preservatives to maintain an extended shelf life.  This perpetuates issues like acne and also reduces results because the majority of ingredients are not active ingredients.

At Access, we care about results and have made it a mission to find the most beneficial and results driven skincare on the market to provide to our clientele.

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In 2001, OLIVE TREE PEOPLE founder Thomas Lommel developed the first OLIVEDA product, the I01 Elixir, along with the Olive Tree Therapy, the Mediterranean Ayurveda, in his now legendary tree house in an olive tree. Globally unique, all OLIVE TREE PEOPLE products have up to 95% more potency, and have revolutionized the emulsions on which skin care products are based.

This means that OLIVE TREE PEOPLE substitutes the usual water content in emulsions with the highly potent and bioactive cell elixir of the olive leaf, which protects the olive tree from the outside and thus allows it to live up to 4,000 years in maximum vitality. In addition, we replace the standard percentage of refined and thus “dead oils” in emulsions with our highly active, bioactive Arbequina oil, which is similar to the lipids of our skin and supports its regenerative power.

OLIVE TREE PEOPLE Skin Care does not differentiate between skin types but rather intuitively recognizes the individual needs of the skin through its own active “Intelligence of Nature” complex.

For this purpose, OLIVE TREE PEOPLE works with natural, highly bio-active ingredients that work in synergy with one another, protect the cells and counteract natural skin aging. OLIVE TREE PEOPLE’s own “Hydroxytyrosol” beauty elixir from the core of thousand-year-old mountain olive trees, which keeps the cells alive for 4,000 years, also offers us the best possible results with its unparalleled, active “Intelligence of Nature” complex. It visibly counteracts redness, irritation and pigmentation and ensures a fine-pored, radiantly beautiful complexion.

All of our specialty facials utilize Oliveda products and masks.  They can target a variety of issues including pigment, acne prone skin, sensitive or rosacea prone skin, wrinkles and skin laxity, moisture infusion, anti-aging, texture reduction, and deep exfoliation.  We also utilize the unique and potent internal elixirs within our wellness program and face and body sculpting programs. They support healthy weight loss and energy, as well as enhance skin, hair and nail health.

When purchased directly from the OLIVE TREE PEOPLE website, you enjoy a 365 return policy as well as direct shipping to your home.